The Outdoor Garden

For some of the rest of the students who wanted to plant inside and outdoor, here is what we have to present. Students grew a variety of vegetables. However, we didn’t account for the harsh winter and due to time limitations, we weren’t able to build a greenhouse for the outdoor garden. We managed to throw in a few potatoes before winter set in and waited for our harvest next year.

Students first sprouted on a water bed then transferred them to the outside garden. This was Fall 2018.

Setting up the sprouting bed.
Setup complete!
Sprouting complete!
Let’s begin to plant these outside.
Planting. Don’t they just like some good old gardeners?
Done! Notice we threw in potatoes top left. This was done last year 2018 winter time (had a few potatoes with eyes growing so why not).

Below are images from Fall 2019. Some of our returning students are harvesting the potato we threw in. However, because of the winter the sprouts never made it.

Let’s see what we have.
The complete harvest.
Aerating the soil.

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