The Indoor Garden A.K.A My Classroom

These first few photos where from the 2018/2019 class. Gardening in generally was fairly new to me at the time so it was a testing phase. Some of the students were not up to the challenge (ie. tending to the plants and watering them on time) so most of them died. ***Can’t find the photos, I’ll upload some later”. Here’s a carrot we managed to grow indoor. For 2019/2020 year please scroll down.

2019/2020 Fall

Unfortunately this was also a underwhelming story since the Coronavirus outbreak I couldn’t go back to my classroom to water the plants. It’s been over a month now so I don’t expect them to survive.
I will leave you with a few photos of our beginning journey. My returning student Mario helped out quite a bit. Thanks Mario!

Mario premixing the soil.
Everyone gets their own pot to grow things.
Everyone gets their own pot to grow things.
Measuring out the seeds?
Mario helping out with the sprouts growing too long. I believe those might be beans…

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