Setting up the class

I wasn’t too sure how to pilot this program. It took a lot of thinking and consideration. There were students who blindly picked this elective to fulfill credits and those that wanted to do research. It was a struggle to find a niche to satisfy everyone. The outdoor school garden was not initially part of this course but I decided to integrate it. Students were divided into different groups based on motivation and interest:

1. Research group: This group worked on the SmartCube (hydroponic) machine to run tests on select variables (temperature, pH, light, humidity, etc)
2. Engineering group: to build their own hydroponic with supplies found online
3. Indoor + Outdoor farming group: plant various vegetables/fruits both indoor and outdoor.

I’ll be honest I’m really bad at remembering to take photos, so these are the photos that I have. I may have a few in my older phone so please wait till I can get a hold of them again.

Setting up for hydroponic machine with nutrient water. We need to be as accurate as possible!
These small foam square were used to sprout the seeds for the machine. Very useful!

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