Our Mission

Our elective PBL course teaches a multitude of disciplines and knowledge. Here are some of my objectives for the course:

  • Students learn to be responsible citizens by maintaining a coffee shop on a weekly shift basis.
  • Students learn the different properties of coffee and coffee beans using the concept of Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering.
  • Students use their knowledge of coffee to conduct research to alter the taste coffee to suit the needs of the consumers. PBL
  • Students research and conduct different marketing and business techniques to drive sales at our school coffee shop. PBL
  • Students will design coffee art and showcase their work to the school. Students can further develop their technique so that it is different from traditional ways of making coffee art.
  • Students will finish a research poster at the end of the year outlining all research and testing done.
  • Students learn practical skills to be able to make coffee, espresso, cold brew, affogato, and lattes using various equipment provided.
  • Students learn to be more social by engaging in conversation with with other students consumers and coffee connoisseurs.

Obviously this is a general list of some of the main objectives. Lots of tweaks need to made to this course. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop one.

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