Week 10 – Self-Watering Plastic Bottle Planter Part 1

Source: Thegoodlifedesign

Students brought in recycled plastic bottles (cola, water, pepsi, etc) to be turned into a self-watering pot. The idea is to get students to enjoy gardening at almost zero cost. This can be done at home, no matter how big or your small your home is. Most of the materials can be found at home or bought for very cheap. Students can plant something simple like lettuce or garlic and then change it to something harder like tomatoes.

Students needed to cut the bottle in half keeping both parts. The cap side will be inverted into the bottom piece. Drill a hole in the cap and insert a piece of twine through it (10-15cm is enough). Make sure the twine and size of the hole are roughly the same.

In part 1, students will decorate their planter with non-toxic acrylic paint. They can make whatever design they want. In our class, most of the students followed the cat example (cut out plastic ears) in the left picture. I suggest using a plastic bottle that has a harder exterior. Wait a couple of days for it to dry. I couldn’t have done this without the help of our art teacher Mr. Eden. Thanks again for coming.

I used this link as guidance, check them out!

Example made by Mr. Eden
Cute cat
Using non-toxic acrylic paint. What a mess!!!!
Blow drying it speeds up the process.
Finished product

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