Week 11 – Self-Watering Plastic Bottle Planter Part 2 + Newspaper pot maker

Students will plant their seeds today. Fill the top half of the bottle with soil. Make sure the twine is dispersed within the soil. Poke a 1cm deep hold and drop a couple of seeds of the same type. Cover hole with soil. Add water to the bottom part of the bottle (see picture above). Make sure twine is fully wet. The idea is that capillary action will take water up into the soil slowly, hence self-watering. Leave the planter indoor with no sun until it sprouts. Once sprouted, you can leave it under the sun. Make sure to check the water level every so often.

We also used a newspaper pot to make to sprout the seeds. This is another great way to recycle using old newspapers to make the pot.

Newspaper pot maker
Showing them how to use the newspaper pot maker
This was taken after the lettuce seeds have sprouted

Shoutout to my student Mario for helping us out!


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