Week 10 – Paddle with Boats (No photos yet)

This week students will learn alternative ways to move. Students will learn about the concept of potential vs kinetic energy by making a rubber band paddle boat. The twisted rubber band is the storage of potential energy, which when released is converted to the movement of the boat in the form of kinetic energy. Make sure they follow the worksheet “Making a Paddle Boat.docx” and ppt “Paddle Boat.ppt”. In the worksheet, the data and results section allow students make track their changes and results.

Initially the teacher will show the students how to make the same paddle boat by using the same sized rubbed band and paddle. Afterward, allow the students to take make revisions (give them different sizes of rubber bands and paddle material) to make their boat run longer and faster.

Inquiry Question: How can we make this boat run faster and longer?

Provide students will different sizes and thicknesses of rubber bands. Obviously, the rubber band that is thicker can store more potential energy, but they need to figure that out!

Activity: Host a competition. Make sure you have a long container or tank to hold water. Students will compete to see how can run either the faster or longest or both! The winner gets a prize or bonus mark. *Note: make sure each student is allowed to twist their paddle the same number of turns.

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