Week 7 – Buoyant Boats Part 2 – The Submarine

We continued to reinforce the concept of buoyancy. This time we used a submarine to learn how Engineers control and manipulate buoyancy.

Inquiry Questions: What can we do with buoyancy? Can scientists control the buoyancy of boats? Key Learning Objective: Displacement of average mass density the boat vs mass of water displaced allows for buoyancy to occur.

Ask students: how do you think a submarine float or sink? Answer: By displacing air with water (in ballast) the submarine can float or sink on command. If time allows, the teacher can teach the different parts of a submarine. Then students will test the idea of buoyancy by making a bottle submarine.

This activity took 2 weeks as well. The first week took the whole class to design their submarine. Remember to include the STEAM Arts component. The next class I asked many questions to get them thinking about how we can

Activity: How to make a submarine using plastic bottles. Follow the instructions found here or here with plastic bottles.


A few students did manage to finish it first to test it.

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