Week 2 – Review and Recycle Game

Since there were a lot of new terminologies to go through, review all the English names with the students. Afterwards, play the Recycle Group game found in “Recycle Group Game.docx”. Teacher please print out, laminate, and cut the items in that document. Each group will be given the same laminated pictures of various waste products that can be recycled or thrown out. Students must group those items either as Plastic, Metal, Paper, or Waste. Give them 5-10 minutes. The first group to correctly group everything correctly can win a prize. For more of an English review, have each group say the names of certain items they have grouped.

Next, preview next weeks’ project (or get started on it). If your school does not have recycling bins, then this is an opportunity to install them. Teachers: decide what materials the school is willing to recycle. Generally plastic and paper are the easiest as we will be using plastic bottles and recycled paper for projects coming soon. Once you have decided, buy either a plastic trash bin enough paper box to be designed into a recycling bin. Each student group will be responsible for one type of recycling bin. Students will design and/or decorate the recycling bin and make 2 different posters to accompany it. Once the bins are finished, they can be placed around the school. If the school already has recycling bins, then have the students start on the 2 posters (instructions found next week).

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