Week 2 – Qingdao Naval Museum Field trip

I organized a trip (led by Mr. Richard again) to our local naval museum. Of course, this can’t just be a random day to have them run around and do nothing. Engage the students with questions and activities.

Inquiry question: Are all boats and ships alike? What are the noticeable differences? Point some out!

Engagement activities:

  • Activity #1: Scavenger hunt or bingo. Requires teachers to know what vessels are at the museum. Give a list of ships or boats and have the kids find them either as a list or bingo. Once they find it they must take a photo of THAT particular ship, vessel, boat, tank, plane, etc. The first person to have all the pictures taken wins a prize or bonus mark.
  • Activity #2: An activity would be to ask what types of boats (or other possible vessel or aircraft) that they recognize and must say its name in English. Again this should be review from first class.
  • Activity #3: Take the students on-board a ship if possible and ask them for the names of the different parts of the ship. Review from the last class.
  • Activity #4: Point to a ship or a boat and ask for the name of that vessel.

    Activity #5 (Presentation Requirement): This must be done for the next class. Presentation: students select their favorite boat or ship (or any other vehicle or plane) and must make a poster that outlines everything we’ve learned so far. For example, the poster should contain a picture of the ship or boat that is completely labeled. They must also explain why they chose their vessel and talk about some brief history (researched) and any other interesting facts. Each student is given 3-5 minutes to present to the class in English. Refer to “Presentation Poster Layout Example.jpg” for an example on the layout of the poster.

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