Week 1 – All about boats!

We start the course off with a guest teacher Mr. Richard. Today’s topic is to get students to be familiarized by the different types of boats and ships found around the world.

Learning Objective: Students will learn the different types and different parts of typical boats in English. Some history (historic boats) will be taught to the students as well.

This week’s focus isn’t just fixed on vocabulary but also sets the framework for the upcoming weeks. Next week will be a field trip to the Qingdao Naval museum. Remember not to make do all the talking. Have students engage by asking what they already know. A few animated gifs (with some comedic sense) would make the learning process much more fun! Review near the end consisted of games:

  • An example is having a picture up and asking the students what the English name of that boat is.
  • Crossword: students are given a list of boat names or boat parts and the have to find the word on the crossword that’s presented on the board.

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