Week 6 – Food Origin/Potluck

This class combined the artistic, cultural, and mathematical sciences of potatoes. The kids were instructed to bring a potato dish and its recipe to share with the class. I brought in western style dishes of potatoes which includes baked friends, potato salad, and mashed potatoes.

To make this more STEAM based, I showed them the measurements used to make my dishes and the students had to explain what ingredients and measurements of the ingredients were used. We discussed how each dish was unique and how presentation (artistic) was important in each dish. We also discuss the nutritional benefits of potatoes and how it actually contains lots of vitamin C!

A pinch of pepper to your salad please!
Only a tea spoon of mayo!
May I have a taste?

All-in-all the kids were very accepting of the dishes I brought it. They never knew something as boring as potatoes can be turned into so many exciting dishes.

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