Week 3 – pH testing

The subject of choice for this week is chemistry. Students will learn about pH using litmus paper and various other household items and foods. The point of this was teach students about pH requirements of potatoes. While potatoes are generally very robust, keeping them at an alkaline pH is important.

I then tied in pH testing for various other things like sugar, coffee, milk, etc and how sweet drinks are very acidic and bad for your teeth and health. Needless to say some of the students were “persuaded” not to drink more cola soft drinks.

Lastly, it’s good to note that all observations made are recorded in a table I made for them. The beginnings of writing own everything and learning about the Scientific Process!

Students given a table to fill in and write their observations. The beginning of the scientific method!
Litmus paper color matching
Litmus paper color matching
I believe this was testing pH of coffee….. courtesy of our Coffeeology course.

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